WM Railway Connected to West Virginia and Pennsylvania

Western Maryland Railway provided passenger and freight services along tracks between Baltimore MD, Webster Springs, WV, and Connellsville, PA. Major stops included Penmar, Camp Ritchie, Hagerstown, Williamsport, Cumberland, and Elkins.

Passenger service ended in 1959, and the Western Maryland Railway was fully merged into the Baltimore & Ohio Railroad in 1983.

Most of the parts of the Western Maryland Railway which have not been abandoned are now owned and maintained by CSX, though the glory days of the Western Maryland Railway can now be relived by taking a trip on the Western Maryland Scenic Railroad.

(Top Photo – Inside Hagerstown Train Station)

Map of Western Maryland Railway in the 1950’s
Map of Western Maryland Railway in 1920
Hagerstown Station 1937
Cumberland 1940
Buena Vista Springs 1906
Williamsport Cushwa Basin after 1968. The C&O Canal aqueduct pre-restoration is visible at the bottom of the photo.
Williamsport Lift Bridge after 1968. This bridge would lift up to allow C&O canal boats through the canal
Abandoned tunnel No. 1356 after 1968 on the Cumberland extension
Passenger Service Timetable 1955
Western Maryland Railroad Company Gold Bond 1917 – (A customizable version of this stock certificate is available at our gift shop.)

Visit the Western Maryland Railway Historical Society and Museum to learn more!