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A look at some of the amazing historical places available to visit in Hagerstown and Washington County, MD.

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Places to Visit: Smithsburg

Smithsburg, MD was founded in 1813 by Christopher “Stuffle” Smith. Mr. Smith purchased a plot of land formerly known as “part of Shadrack’s Lot.” The community’s development was directly influenced by factors such as migration paths, the arrival of the railroad, and advances in agricultural technology. By 1923, much of the existing village had been…

Places to Visit: Hagerstown Aviation Museum

Hagerstown, Maryland has a rich history in the field of aviation. The Hagerstown area has been home to a number of important aviation-related businesses and organizations over the years, and it has played a significant role in the development of aviation in the United States.

Places to Visit: Fort Ritchie

Fort Ritchie was a military installation located in Cascade, Maryland, United States. The fort was established in 1917 and served as an important training and logistical support facility for the U.S. military for many years. Fort Ritchie played a significant role in the defense of the United States and the development of the country’s military…

Places to Visit: Boonsboro Trolley Museum

The Hagerstown and Frederick Railway was a railroad that operated in central Maryland in the United States. The railroad was built in the 19th and 20th centuries and served the towns of Hagerstown and Frederick, as well as several smaller communities in the region. The Hagerstown and Frederick Railway was an important transportation route for…


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