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US Army 1961 Video Covers War Photography, Clara Barton during Civil War

This video contains Army Digest Number Eight, a documentary filmed by the US Army. While this public domain video was in rather good shape, we have remastered it in that the video has been sharpened, and certain digital artifacts were removed. It is believed the original film was released in 1961, but unfortunately no other…

Down the Old Potomac: 1917 Film by Edison about C&O Canal

In 1917, Thomas Edison produced a silent film showing the journey down the C&O Canal to Washington, DC. This remastered video cleans up much of the damage which was present in the National Archives version, and adds several pieces of period music.

WM Railway Connected to West Virginia and Pennsylvania

Western Maryland Railway provided passenger and freight services along tracks between Baltimore MD, Webster Springs, WV, and Connellsville, PA. Major stops included Penmar, Camp Ritchie, Hagerstown, Williamsport, Cumberland, and Elkins. Passenger service ended in 1959, and the Western Maryland Railway was fully merged into the Baltimore & Ohio Railroad in 1983. Most of the parts…


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