History Hub Hunters Launch Virtual Museum and Research Center

History is meant to be remembered. Unfortunately, sometimes we lose some of our history along the way, so it’s extremely exciting when we can help people rediscover what was once forgotten.

Today we launched our online museum, the Western Maryland History Hub, which will be filled with local history in Western Maryland. This virtual museum gives us a place not to just show our finds while producing the show, but more importantly, share the stories of our past which have been lost or forgotten. The history of Western Maryland has traditionally been fragmented into multiple museums, with different purposes and focus. The launch of this hub allows for a unified location directing visitors to the correct museums or other locations for their research.

The virtual museum also provides us the ability to provide an online gift shop, allowing visitors to purchase gifts inspired by Western Maryland history. The proceeds from this gift shop will help us compensate the crew of the show, as well as help expand the future of the show.

This site is focused on more than just being a museum. This site also works to serve as a resource to researchers, providing quick, easy access to historical references for deeper research.

The History Hub Hunters crew is excited to take this new step forward today in helping teach our local history, and can’t wait for what the future holds.